We Don't Even Live Here - Out Now!

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Latest Release

  • Oct 22nd 2013
  • Digital



01. Bumper
02. Fuck Your Stuff
03. How We Land (feat. Justin Vernon)
04. Wanted/Wasted (feat. Astronautalis)
05. They Can't Come (feat. Sims, Lizzo, Cliff Rhymes, Chris Hooks, Jeremy Nutzman, & Greg Grease)
06. Lock-Picks, Knives, Bricks And Bats
07. Fire In The Hole/Arrow To The Action
08. Get Down (feat. Mike Mictlan & Greg Grease)
09. All Of It
10. Weird Friends (We Don't Even Live Here)
11. Piano Hits (feat. Isaac Gale, LIzzo, & Sims)

Rhymesayers and P.O.S present WDELH/MDS/RMX, a Marijuana Deathsquads remix version of We Don’t Even Live Here, available for FREE exactly one year after the release of the original.

The album includes new verses from P.O.S, Lizzo, Greg Grease, SIMS, Mike Mictlan and more!

P.O.S describes the album by saying, "WDELH/MDS/RMX is We Don't Even Live Here, remixed and re-imagined by my dancy, noise band Marijuana Deathsquads.”

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Mary Thayer - marythayer@gmail.com

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Minneapolis-bred rapper, producer, hardcore musician, punk philosopher and co-founder of the hip hop collective Doomtree, P.O.S is gearing up to release his upcoming full length We Don’t Even Live Here on Rhymesayers October 23rd. The LP, which comes three years after his well received LP, Never Better, finds the rapper with one foot still firmly planted in his punk heritage (he grew up listening to Minor Threat and Refused and has been in punk and hardcore bands since the late ‘90s) and another boldly striding into unconventional songmanship. It’s a tight, bombastic record that builds on P.O.S’s penchant for grinding beats and radical-leaning lyrics while incorporating futuristic synth that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Berlin nightclub. We Don’t Even Live Here is influenced by P.O.S’s work with Gayngs and Marijuana Death Squad as well as musings into enlightened anarchist ideology. The album is literally and metaphorically centered on doing things differently. Fueled by anti-establishment fury, which has always been part of P.O.S’s outlook, the release acknowledges that the boat for social change has already set sail and this is the music for those already having fun aboard. P.O.S. has tapped collaborators including German DJ’s Boyz Noise & Housemeister, Gayngs’ Ryan Olson, Innerpartysystem’s Patric Russe, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon (who lends his shapeshifting vocals to the heartfelt bear-hug of an anthem “How We Land”) and P.O.S.’ trusted Doomtree co-conspirators Lazerbeak, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan and Sims. Andrew Dawson (Kanye West, Jay Z and Lil Wayne) provides stellar production work throughout. The raw vigor and resistance to categorization of this album positions itself to make a great impact on artists and listeners across genre lines and stand as a landmark recording for the future. POS raises the roof while razing the temple.