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Rest In Peace Micheal Larsen

On Saturday, October 16, 2010, we lost our beloved friend, family member and artist Micheal “eyedea” Larsen at the age of 28. Eyedea, who was most notably known for his music with Eyedea & Abilities, Oliver Hart, Face Candy and Carbon Carousel, was an artist in its truest form. He will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. In the days to come, we feel the focus should be on Micheal’s life, music and legacy. Let’s celebrate his life, remember his music and never forget what he has given us all.

We miss you. We love you. And, you will not be forgotten.

Micheal “eyedea” Larsen 11.09.81 – 10.16.10 R.I.P.

Please go to Eyedea's artist page for Photos, Videos, Music, and Quotes: Rhymesayers.com/Eyedea



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Eyedea & Abilities

By The Throat
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After a five year break exploring new sounds and building their personal repertoires, the dynamic duo of Eyedea & Abilities return with the follow up to their 2004 critically acclaimed sophomore album E&A. With biting guitars, fuzzy keyboards, melodic choruses, and some of their most intricate turntable work to date, By The Throat cuts right to the vein and advances far beyond Eyedea & Abilities battle tested history (winners of HBO Blaze Battle, Rocksteady, Scribble Jam and the DMC's).

Throughout the nineties the duo played an important role in the development of the emerging underground Hip Hop scene alongside friends Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, EL-P, the Living Legends, Sage Francis, Blueprint and more. Always pushing the boundaries, Eyedea & Abilities have not only grown but have elevated their talents and once again successfully brought them together with By The Throat.

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Eyedea and Ablilties returned with By the Throat, July 21st, 2009 on Rhymesayers. After a five year break exploring new sounds, experiencing life, learning and growing in a separate capacity, Micheal Larsen and Gregory Keltgen (Eyedea and Abilities) are back and better than ever. 

By the Throat advances beyond the duo's history as battle machines (winners of Scribble Jam, Rocksteady, the Blaze Battle and the D.M.C.s) and cuts right to the vein. Eyedea and Abilities bring biting guitars, fuzzy keyboards, melodic choruses, and their most intricate turntable work to date. It is laced in subject matter ranging from coping with loss and the hardships of addiction, to Micheal's signature fascination with neuroscience, and quantum mechanics. 

Eyedea and Abilities started making noise in the mid to late nineties as members of an emerging scene in underground music along side fellows and friends Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, El-P, Living Legends, Sage Francis, Blueprint and many others. The duo plays an important role in the development of this scene and have continued to influence artists and enthusiasts alike from their inception to the present.